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Kelowna’s Best Tattoo & Piercing Shops 

a kelowna tattoo artist closeup of their hands tattooing an arm with outline traditional style

Whether you already have a tattoo and are thinking of getting another or are just starting on your journey of body modification, there are plenty of places to get a piercing or a tattoo in Kelowna. As we delve into the realm of tattoos and piercings, we’ll explore the rising trend of destination tattooing, why winter might just be the perfect time for your next piece, and introduce you to some of Kelowna’s best piercing and tattoo shops.

The Rise of Destination Tattooing

In the past, getting a tattoo was often a spontaneous decision made on a whim, or there were limited studios to choose from, but times have changed. Now, there are more and more distinctive styles of tattooing to choose from. Many individuals are carefully selecting tattoo artists based on their personal and distinctive styles, turning the process into a thoughtful and curated experience. 

As well, social media has opened a space in which artists can showcase their work to a global audience. As a result, individuals are willing to travel across cities or even countries, to get inked by an artist whose work resonates with them. Artists can also travel to different destinations and already have a full calendar of work to support themselves when they get there. 

Kelowna, with its diverse and talented pool of artists, both local and guests, is a great hub for destination tattooing.

Why Cold Weather is Hot for Tattoos

a woman standing on a dirt road with snow on it, wearing a knitted hat and coveralls, and a shirt with her forearms exposed to show two tattoo sleeves

While it might seem counterintuitive, winter is considered by many as the prime season for getting tattooed. Why? Several factors come into play. First and foremost, people tend to cover up more during the colder months, providing the perfect conditions for proper healing without exposing your fresh ink to the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll also be spending less time in the water, at the beach, and other things that might cause irritation or damage to your tattoo during the healing process. Moreover, the dry air of winter contributes to a cleaner healing process, reducing the risk of infections that might be more prevalent in the humid summer months. 

So, if you’re contemplating your next tattoo, consider scheduling it during the winter season for optimal results.

The Best Tattoo and Piercing in Kelowna

Now we’re going to shine a spotlight on some of Kelowna’s best tattoo and piercing shops. Whether you’re a seasoned ink enthusiast or a first-timer, these establishments offer top-notch services and a welcoming atmosphere.

Haven Tattoo

If you’re looking for bold designs and clean lines, Haven Tattoo is the place for you. This casual shop features four artists, each with their own unique style and twist on blocky and solid tattoos. Haven offers daily walk-ins, so if you find yourself with some time and an idea, give them a call. 

166 Asher Rd, Kelowna, BC
16 min drive (9.8 km) from The Shore

a closeup of a woman holding a coffee mug, with a tattoo sleeve done at a kelowna tattoo shop

Bertram & Co. Tattoo & Piercing

Boasting 36 years of combined experience, the people at Bertram & Company are a group of tattoo artists from various genres and multiple levels of experience. Conveniently located downtown, this tattoo and piercing parlour offers state-of-the-art sterilization and hygiene as well as private spaces for you to feel completely comfortable while you’re getting your tattoo or piercing done. No matter who you’re getting your art from, you can tell there’s plenty of passion and commitment to their work. 

417 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC
8 min drive (3.8 km) from The Shore

Don’t Look Down

Recognized as one of Kelowna’s Top Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops for seven years running, Don’t Look Down is the best place to get ideas for your body piercings and tattoos. Here, you’ll find not only some of the best tattoo artists in Kelowna but also a number of guest artists who frequently stop by to lend their talents. Don’t Look Down has a reputation for being the greatest in the industry, so you can’t go wrong here. 

1484 Saint Paul St, Kelowna, BC
8 min drive (3.7 km) from The Shore

Luar Body Piercing Shop

With its calming and caring atmosphere, Luar Body Piercing is the perfect place for folks looking to get pierced for the first time. One of their main goals is to ensure everyone feels safe and welcomed as soon as they step into the shop. Once inside, you’ll find a number of different body piercing procedures to choose from, as well as a wide selection of jewelry – from titanium to solid gold. Plus, they have a sister store – Luar Gold – a few blocks away, where they create custom solid gold body jewellery to reflect your unique style. 

1665 Ethel St, Kelowna, BC
8 min drive (3.7 km) from The Shore

The Kelowna Tattoo & Piercing Convention

If you’re a true tattoo fan, mark your calendar for the annual Okanagan Tattoo Show. This event brings together local and international artists, allowing attendees to witness live tattooing, participate in discussions about the industry, and even get inked by some of the best in the business. This past year there was even a grassy outdoor area next to the curling club with food trucks, tents, tables and seating, plus a showcase stage for local bands and talents.

Adding Some Personal Art

Kelowna has emerged as a hotbed for tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, drawing people from far and wide to experience the artistry of its talented tattooists and piercers. Afterwards, why not enjoy a coffee and walk around town or settle in for a fun happy hour to bring down that adrenaline rush and show off your new piece or piercing. 

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