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Discover the 7 Best Beaches in Kelowna

gyro beach on a sunny day with sun bathers, swimmers, paddle boarders and boaters in the water, highlighting Kelowna's best beaches

Known as one of Canada’s sunniest destinations, Kelowna has more than 30 public beaches where you can cool off when summer temperatures start to climb. Situated next to the shining jewel that is Okanagan Lake, you’ll enjoy the soft sand and gentle waves when you stay at The Shore. Many of Kelowna’s most beautiful beaches happen to be located a stone’s throw away, where you can swim, play, paddle-board, kayak, picnic, or just relax with a good book.

Here are the 7 best beaches in Kelowna to visit during your stay at The Shore, plus a fun bonus beach if you’re bringing along a furry friend. Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel and favourite beach toy!

#1. Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

birds eye view of Gyro beach, one of the best beaches in Kelowna, with The Shore hotel in the background
The Shore Kelowna with Gyro Beach in the foreground.

The Shore is Kelowna’s closest accommodation option to Boyce-Gyro Beach Park, “Gyro Beach” as locals call it. A 30-second walk from our front doors takes you to this popular family-friendly beach that features incredible lakeshore amenities. This picturesque beach features a shallow shoreline, creating a comfortable and safe space for families to enjoy the lake. Take in this stunning scenery from the sandy beach or while relaxing in the shade from one of the many large trees in the park. 

Visitors to the park can enjoy:

  • An extensive sandy beach
  • Marked swimming area
  • Playground
  • Sand volleyball and table tennis courts
  • External showers
  • Universally accessible washroom for year-round use
  • Small lockers for storing valuables
  • Paved walking path
  • Grassy picnic area
  • Beach toy rentals

Pack a volleyball, beach toy, or consider trying a new adventure on your next visit to Gyro Beach. Okanagan Beach Rentals, conveniently located on Gyro Beach, has everything from standup paddleboards to kayaks and canoes. There’s a wide range of watercraft and water activities to explore, which you can learn more about in our post on Summer Sports in Kelowna

#2. Rotary Beach Park

Beautiful lake views from Kelowna Rotary Beach at Sunset.

Lesser known, but just as accessible is Rotary Beach Park. Slightly further down Lakeshore than Boyce-Gyro, it’s a more secluded spot for beach goers looking to beat the summer crowds. Located just a short walk south of our Kelowna Hotel, Rotary is popular for families and couples who enjoy all kinds of water sports, such as:

  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)
  • Pedal-boarding
  • Kitesurfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Swimming

Rotary offers a sandy beach, buoyed-off swimming area, shaded and grassed picnic areas, a playground, trails, and a washroom. During the summer months, the Surf Side California food truck can be conveniently found in the attached parking area.

Want to rent a paddleboard or kayak? Consider visiting Okanagan Beach Rentals at Gyro before you head to Rotary Beach. 

#3. Bertram Creek Regional Park

Young boy running on the dock at Bertram Creek Park, with Okanagan Lake in the background. Photo by Lyndsay Therrien.
Family fun on the dock at Bertram Creek Park.

A short drive along Lakeshore you’ll find the beautiful Bertram Creek Regional Park. This 18-hectare space along the shore of Okanagan Lake offers a boat launch, dock, pebble beach, various walking trails, picnic tables, playing field, and even an outdoor amphitheatre and pavilion.

Bertram Creek is quiet and tucked down off the main road, making it a great location for bird watching in Kelowna. You’ll often find locals and tourists alike carrying around a binoculars or camera, hoping to capture some beautiful BC wildlife. Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park is located further up a road, with many more hiking trails and immersive nature experiences to offer.

#4. Strathcona Beach Park

From The Shore, Strathcona Beach Park is a quick five-minute drive. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood near the hospital, this beach typically offers a quieter setting with fewer tourists than many of the other spots on this list.

On an average day, you can expect to find families and couples taking advantage of the small field and tall oak trees, sandy beach, and kids playground. For anyone seeking a quiet spot to relax and beat the heat this summer, look no further than Strathcona Beach Park. Other amenities park goers may enjoy include:

  • A public washroom
  • Picnic tables
  • Large grassy areas

Strathcona is also accessible from The Shore by bike, skateboard, and rollerblades. It’s one of the many beaches located along a 7.5 km two-way, protected bike route on Abbott Street. This route links Downtown Kelowna, Kelowna General Hospital, Pandosy shopping, and other Kelowna parks. Due to its increasing popularity for bicycles and pedestrians, there’s even talk of a route expansion in the near future.

#5. Hot Sands Beach

View of Okanagan Lake from one of Kelowna’s best beaches, Hot Sands Beach (aka. City Park).

Located downtown in Kelowna’s City Park, Hot Sands Beach is commonly referred as “City Park” by locals. This is a popular spot for a full day at the beach and only a 10-minute drive from your suite at The Shore.

Hot Sands Beach features an expansive sandy beachfront beside large fields with grassy knolls, quiet spots for picnics, and great amenities, such as a playground, multi-purpose sports courts, and a waterpark. This spot has something for everyone.

Typically a busier park due to its location, Hot Sands beach is worth a visit for those looking to experience the lively summer scene Kelowna is famous for. Other nearby amenities include: 

  • A universally accessible washroom for year-round use
  • Small lockers for storing valuables
  • Paved walking path
  • Nearby bars and restaurants perfect for picnicking
  • Okanagan Wibit – a water sports park for kids right off the beach, popular with locals and tourists alike!

#6. Waterfront Park Kelowna

Also located in downtown, opposite the Dolphins and Prospera Place, is Kelowna’s Waterfront Park. This is one of Kelowna’s busiest summer beaches, easily accessible via a wooden boardwalk along the water. During the summer there’s a take-out stand offering ice cream, treats and typical beach comfort food. There’s also a large public washroom and paved area for bikes and electric scooters. 

To the right of the beach is the Rotary Marsh Bird Sanctuary, where you’ll often find deer grazing in the tall grasses or beavers swimming through the marsh. This is a great spot for photographers, bird watchers, and wildlife-lovers alike. If you look upwards on the wooden marsh boardwalk, you may see Ospreys soaring overhead, or even spot them nesting on a platform just above the trees. 

Boardwalk, lake and mountain views from the beach at Kelowna Waterfront Park.

#7. Paul’s Tomb Kelowna

For those looking for a secluded beach, Paul’s Tomb is definitely worth the short hike. This historic spot is located within Knox Mountain, a popular location for hiking and biking in Kelowna. Tucked into the mountain in a small bay, Paul’s Tomb is a great spot for kayaking and paddleboarding without having to worry about boat traffic. 

For kids and families, the beach at Paul’s Tomb is rockier than the popular beaches in-town. You won’t find soft sand, but the water is clear and there are plenty of rock formations to explore. Trails from Paul’s Tomb, including the Lochview Trail, offer gorgeous views of the lake and valley.

Paul’s Tomb is also a great location for diving. About 30-feet under water, just off the shore, be on the lookout for the legendary Ogopogo.

#8 BONUS: The Best Dog Beach in Kelowna 

Cedar Creek Park

Slightly off the beaten path, this fur-friendly location is a great spot for beachgoers and dog owners alike! Just a short drive from The Shore, Cedar Creek Park is the largest off-leash dog beach in Kelowna. Offering stunning views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains, this is the perfect spot for you and your pooch to cool off and enjoy the scenery on a hot summer’s day. 

For those looking to get out on the water, this is a great spot to bring your kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, or whatever water toys you please. Nearby, there is another large off-leash field with fences for your pup to burn off any extra energy in. Don’t forget your dog bags! 

Beach fun for the whole family, including fur babies, at Cedar Creek Dog Park.

Explore Kelowna’s Best Beaches from The Shore

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